To keep it tight with the latest styles, check out the photos below and find the hottest style that's right for you.

The Bald Look

If you wanna go bald, don't shave it down to the scalp, but do like movie star Djimon Hounsou and leave it 'dirty bald.'  It gets rid of the Mr. Clean look where you get bad shine on the top of your head, and concentrates the reflections on your face.  Balance it out with a complimentary goatee to make up for the lack of hair on top of your head.

Bald Fade

The fade has been hyped up with the return of the side part, seen here on actor Cuba Gooding, Jr.  It's good for adding a sense of style to a traditional haircut, and you can update it even more if you're willing to spend a few more hours in the do-rag to sport some waves as well.  Today's look is all about the goatee, so if you can rock it, grow it out.

Light Fade

For longer faces, try this semi-faded look shown here on TV star Boris Kodjoe.  Having a more solid top with a wider cut hairline draws the focus more toward the center of the face, making the head look slightly shorter.  The goatee should reverse the haircut' fades from light to dark for the more rugged look of today.

Return of the Shape-up

If your scalp is discolored, scarred or bumpy, you may be better off not fading to bald, but instead going with a solid, even cut, like rapper turned actor, Ice Cube.  Note that today's hairline is more square-shaped than rounded, so block the edges to keep it looking tight.  Facial hair matches the haircut, solid with sharp angles.


Crunk it up with twists that reach higher than before, like these twists worn by comedian/actor/singer Jamie Foxx.  Leave some of your natural afro at the base of the twist for more height, then twist the rest up to the end.  Again, a squared-off hairline is what's hot now.  Since there's more hair on your head, there's less on the face ' shave the goatee and keep the moustache.


If you're going to plait it up, take a hint from NBA star Latrell Sprewell and make the cornrows thinner.  In recent years, braids were fatter and done straight back from the forehead to the nape of the neck, but today you can cock them off to the side and include side parts.  It'll take longer, but it's worth it.  Again, keep the moustache, lose the beard.